Article: Functional UI (Framework-Free at Last)

Functional UI is a set of techniques which rely heavily on functional programming to develop user interface applications. While deceptively simple, fu

Presentation: Architectures That Scale Deep - Regaining Control in Deep Systems

Ben Sigelman talks about "Deep Systems", their common properties and re-introduces the fundamentals of control theory from the 1960s, including the or

Presentation: Quantifying Risk

Markus De Shon talks about the Netflix risk quantification that they introduced in their highest impact areas, and are gradually expanding across the

Presentation: Secrets at Planet-scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS

Anvita Pandit covers the design choices and strategies that Google chose in order to build a highly reliable, highly scalable service. She talks about

Stanford Researchers Publish AI Index 2019 Report

The Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute published its AI Index 2019 Report. The 2019 report tracks three times the number of dat

Article: Book Review: Developer, Advocate!

Developer, Advocate! is a set of interviews with prominent technologists, covering what drives their interest and enthusiasm in the industry. The brev

Presentation: Taking Back Software Engineering

Dave Farley discusses adopting a disciplined, scientific approach to solving problems in software while still encouraging people-centric creation.

BLAKE3 Is an Extremely Fast, Parallel Cryptographic Hash

BLAKE3 is the most recent evolution of the BLAKE cryptographic hash function. Created by Jack O'Connor, Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Samuel Neves, and Zook

HyScale Open Sources App Deployment Tool for Kubernetes

HyScale announced the open sourcing of their tool that aims to simplify the application development lifecycle on Kubernetes. HyScale uses a custom YAM

Article: A Bottom-Up View of Kotlin Coroutines

Recently coroutines have become popular as an alternative to Reactive Programming on the JVM. In many cases the costs of restructuring your code arou