Presentation: Evolution of Financial Exchange Architectures

Martin Thompson looks at the evolution of financial exchanges and explores what is considered state of the art today.

Presentation: Simulating Agile Strategies

Adam Timlett introduces the Lazy Stopping Model, simulating different strategies for software development or capital projects, explaining how it works

Google Announces TensorFlow 2 Support in Object Detection API

Google announced support for TensorFlow 2 (TF2) in the TensorFlow Object Detection (OD) API. The release includes eager-mode compatible binaries, two

OverOps Releases Second Annual DevOps Survey

In their recent survey, OverOps, a continuous reliability platform vendor, found that within DevOps investment initiatives organizations invest the mo

Article: Don’t Mix the Paint! Primitives and Composites in the World of Software

Because software is created from synthetic primitives (code, interfaces, requirements, etc.), engineers must accept assumptions are often wrong, and a

Puppet Relay Provides Event-Driven Automation for Common Workflows

Puppet has announced the beta release of Relay, their event driven automation platform. Relay allows for automating processes as code. There are a num

Linux Check Memory Usage Using the CLI and GUI

{Updated} How do I check used and free RAM memory usage under Linux operating systems using command line and GUI tools?The post Linux Check Memory Usa

WebAssembly Used to Extend Life of Flash Legacy Content

Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020. The large amount of Flash content accumulated over the years is howeve

Presentation: Microservices Are for Humans, Not Machines

Oded Shopen discusses the behavioral benefits of moving to a microservices architecture in an organization, explaining how microservices have an impac