Change Data Capture Tool Debezium 1.0 Final Released

The open source change data capture (CDC) tool Debezium 1.0 Final was recently released with an event format clean-up, increased test coverage of data

Keeping Credentials Safe, Google Introduces Cloud Secret Manager

In a recent blog post, Google announced a new service, called Secret Manager, for managing credentials, API keys and certificates when using Google Cl

Gradle 6 Brings Significant Dependency Management Improvements

Gradle, the customizable open source build automation tool, has released version 6.0 with significant improvements to dependency management, out of th

Article: The Road to Artificial Intelligence: An Ethical Minefield

Increasingly-rapid developments in the field of AI have offered society profound benefits but also produced complex ethical dilemmas. Many of the most

Presentation: Leading in an Agile World

Damien O’Connor, Sheetal Thaker explore the characteristics of leaders over the last six decades, looking at how leadership has changed over time, and

Article: Author Q&A on the book The Innovation Revelation

David Lowe has written a book The Innovation Revelation: A story about satisfying customer needs. The book tells the fictional story of Charlie Blades

Presentation: Enabling Secure Code at Scale with Spring and OAuth2

Matt Ruel and Darren Forsythe discuss using Spring Security and OAuth2 to secure an application.

Database Access Misconfiguration Exposes 250M Customer Records at Microsoft

Comparitech security firm reported a major data breach at Microsoft that exposed 250 million customer records over a period of a couple of days. Micro

Apple Acquires Edge-Focused AI Startup

Apple has acquired, a Seattle-based startup that builds AI models that run on edge devices, for approximately $200 million.

Presentation: The Value of Reactive Systems

Stephane Maldini, Violeta Georgieva build a decision-making template to assist devs in starting a Reactive architecture.