Presentation: PKS Is Not JAK8sP (Just Another Kubernetes Platform)

Cornelia Davis discusses what distinguishes Pivotal Container Service and covers some of the latest advancements coming from the Kubernetes community,

Introducing InfoQ Live: A Microservices Virtual Event on Tuesday, August 25th

We are excited to introduce InfoQ Live, a one-day virtual learning event designed for you, the modern software practitioner. You’ll get to deep dive i

Article: Programming Microcontrollers with JavaScript -- Q&A with Peter Hoddie and Lizzie Prader

JavaScript developers can now write IoT software on a large range of devices, including low-specs micro-controllers with as little as 32KB of memory.

Amazon Announces the General Availability of Monitoring Service AWS IoT SiteWise

IoT SiteWise is a fully managed service in AWS, which automates the processing of data from the plant floor, the structuring and marking of data, and

How to create tar.gz file in Linux using command line

{Updated} I am a new Linux user. How do I create tar.gz file in Linux operating systems using the command line option?The post How to create tar.gz fi

Linux Slimbook Laptop with AMD Ryzen 4000 released

KDE project and Slimbook released a new Linux ultrabook with AMD Ryzen 4000 CPU that comes with eight cores, 16 threads, and a Plasma desktop. Let us

Making Workplaces More Humanistic

Organizations are increasingly focusing on the humanization of workplaces and supporting professionals to perform better. Ways to make workplaces more

Presentation: Visual Intro to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Jay Alammar offers a mental map of Machine Learning prediction models and how to apply them to real-world problems with many examples from existing bu

Presentation: Lessons Learned from Reviewing 150 Infrastructures

Jon Topper presents a structured review of the architectural and operational choices of 150 platform teams. Topper explores several themes, talks abou

Article: Engineering Successful Cloud Migrations

Cloud adoption has increased exponentially. To achieve increasing margins gains, it is important to approach migration as a transformation opportunity