How Uniswap Became King of DEXs

Uniswap, an automated market maker (AMM), has torn it up in the last year, becoming the world’s largest “DEX” by volume. Here's why it won.

Newly Discovered Botnet Infected Up to 5,000 Computers with a Monero Miner

Cisco researchers estimate the botnet may have earned its owner $5,000 worth of monero since it started operation four months ago.

Crypto Custodian Anchorage Adds Litecoin Support

U.S.-based crypto custody platform Anchorage has added support for litecoin (LTC), the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

BitMEX Owner Awards $50K Grant to Bitcoin Smart Contract Developer

BitMEX owner 100x said the $50,000 grant to Jeremy Rubin will help fund further development into the Bitcoin smart contract language, Sapio.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Briefly Pops Above $9,400 as Global Stocks Rally

Bitcoin broke through $9,400 as stock indices around the world make gains.

What’s Behind the Fed’s New Push to Promote Inflation?

Why the Fed’s strategy on inflation is changing and why the definition used by America’s central bank may be hurting regular people.

Russia to Treat Crypto as a Taxable Property

Russia changed its draft bill regulating crypto and digital assets. You won’t go to jail for facilitating crypto deals in the country – at least, not just yet.

July’s Decentralized Exchange Volumes Have Already Topped June’s Record, Reaching $1.6B

DEX trading volume already beat June's record, passing $1.6 billion as of Tuesday.

Blockchain Bites: China’s BSN Integrations and Satoshi’s Newfound Wealth

Ethereum Classic is losing support, Coinbase and BitGo are developing "Travel Rule" solutions and Satoshi Nakamoto's newfound bitcoins.

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 21, 2020

With the price of BTC catching a bid in early trading, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another bitcoin news roundup.