Ether Stalls After 8% Rally as Exchange Inflows Spike

Ether is struggling to extend Wednesday's price rally amid increased inflow of ether onto cryptocurrency exchanges.

EU Privacy Shield Ruling Is an Opportunity and Conundrum for Decentralized Tech

A judgement striking down an EU-U.S. data sharing agreement could pose compliance issues for U.S. startups. But privacy tech could offer a post-law solution.

CFTC Seeks Industry Advice on Blockchain Applications

The commission’s technology advisory committee made several presentations on various blockchain applications including CBDCs and digital tokens during a four-hour-long remote meeting last Thursday.

‘Superman29’ May Do Time: California Resident Pleads Guilty to Laundering Millions Using Illegal Bitcoin ATMs

Kais Mohammad a.k.a. “Superman29” agreed to plead guilty to federal charges that he ran an unlicensed Bitcoin-ATM network and laundered up to $25 million.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Fails to Stay Above $9,400 While Dai Supply Skyrockets

Low volume and volatility continue to plague the bitcoin market but the supply of dai soars.

A Simple Explanation of DeFi and Yield Farming Using Actual Human Words

A primer on DeFi and yield farming; We'll also cover liquidity mining, automated market making plus the other terms shaping this brave new world.

Open Interest in Ether Options Jumps to New Record High

Data from major exchanges shows that open interest in ether options rose to a new lifetime high of $194 million on Tuesday.

Crypto Needn’t Fear GPT-3. It Should Embrace It

Rather than being scared of the GPT-3 language processor, the crypto community should harness its advancements in deep learning.

Blockchain Bites: Coinsquare Conclusion, Ethereum Fees and a GPT-3 Poet

Google and Facebook are party to a lawsuit regarding crypto advertisements, South Korea has tabled new crypto taxes and a CoinDesk speaks with a GPT-3 tester.

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 22, 2020

With the price of BTC taking a breather following yesterdays jump, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another bitcoin news roundup.