B2C2 Teams With SFOX Exchange to Bring Transparency to OTC Trades

B2C2, a London-based over-the-counter (OTC) market maker, is sharing its data and allowing transactions on the Los Angeles-based exchange aggregator SFOX.

The US Government’s Mixed Signals on Digital Currency Privacy

As the Treasury Department says to prepare for more stringent AML enforcement around cryptos, the Fed says a digital dollar should preserve privacy.

XRP Sees Flash Crash and Quick Rebound on BitMEX

XRP, the native asset of San Francisco-based Ripple’s XRP Ledger, saw a flash crash on Hong Kong-based derivatives exchange BitMEX on Thursday.

EFF Defends Ex-Kraken Employee’s Right to Post Anonymously About Company

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is defending a former Kraken employee embroiled in a lawsuit over an anonymous review of the crypto exchange on Glassdoor.

Binance Hires Ex-Uber Product Lead as VP of Global Expansion

Matt Shroder will help the Binance exchange scale its operations and services, especially in emerging markets.

Crypto News Roundup for Feb. 13, 2020

With bitcoin bouncing off $10,500, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another time-saving crypto news roundup.

Ether Futures Volume Highest Since June 2019

As ether’s price rose to seven-month highs on Wednesday, the aggregate daily volume in ether futures exceeded $4.5 billion for the first time since June 27, 2019.

Here’s How to Inspect Bitcoin’s Next (Likely) Major Upgrade Yourself

With bitcoin’s next likely major upgrade in the works, students of the cryptocurrency can inspect the code themselves, helped by core developers.

Torus Launches to Bring One-Click Login to Web 3.0

Torus, a key-management startup offering one-click logins for the decentralized web, launched out of beta Thursday with a handful of big-name hosting partners.

DTCC Calls on Banks and Regulators to Help Address Blockchain Security Issues

A comprehensive framework shared by all participants will negate any risks associated with blockchain, the derivatives repository giant says.