Climbing off Twitter on Scaffolds of Truth: Where Srinivasan and Benet Diverge

Vitalik Buterin, Balaji Srinivasan and Juan Benet discussed the future, pitfalls and promise of decentralized social media.

Signature Bank’s Crypto Deposits Grew $1B in Q2

Out of the nearly $8 billion in deposit growth that Signature Bank saw in the second quarter of 2020, $1 billion was raked in by the firm’s digital assets team.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits 1-Month High; DeFi Value Locked Hits $3.3B

Bitcoin is making gains, Ethereum’s DeFi value grows.

No One Has Traded Bitcoin Options on Bakkt for Over a Month: Deribit Continues to Dominate

Open interest for Bakkt's bitcoin options market has stayed at $0 since June 15.

Will Big Tech Enable or Destroy Small Business? Feat. Sahil Bloom

More than 50% of COVID-19 related business closures in the US are now permanent. Can tech platforms provide a new avenue for small biz entrepreneurship?

Wyoming-Based Avanti to Open in October With a New Bank-Issued Digital Asset

Wyoming's crypto-friendly Avanti Financial expects to open its doors this October with a new bank-issued digital asset, the Avit.

YouTube Seeks to Dismiss Ripple Lawsuit Over XRP Giveaway Scams

The video sharing giant filed a motion to dismiss Ripple’s lawsuit that alleges that YouTube did not do enough to stop free XRP giveaway scams

Blockchain Bites: OCC’s Crypto Letter, Eth 2.0’s ‘Official’ Testnet and Dinwiddie’s Tokenized Airball

Visa said crypto is part of "the future of money," members of the U.S. Senate think the dollar should go digital and OCC will allow banks to custody crypto.

Cambrian Raises $4M to Run $25M Crypto Quant Fund

Cambrian Asset Management has landed $4 million of operating capital for its $25 million data-driven crypto-trading fund.

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 23, 2020

With bitcoin (BTC) finally breaking out and ether (ETH) up even more, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another crypto news roundup.