Apple CEO Tim Cook has spent much of July preparing for House antitrust hearing

After reluctantly agreeing to testify before a House antitrust committee at the start of July, Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly spent much of the mon

Deals: $169 Apple Watch, new MacBook Air for $929, Magic Keyboard sale

Apple Authorized Resellers have a variety of month-end Apple deals going on now and we've rounded up discounts on Macs, iPads and Apple Watches just i

Super-thin circuit boards coming to mini LED iPad Pro, MacBook Pro

A new supplier has reportedly entered Apple's supply chain, with the company providing "super-thin" circuitboards vital to the mini LED backlight tech

Koss suing Apple over basic concept of wireless connection to headphones and speakers

Koss is suing Apple over the concept of wirelessly connecting to headphones or speakers, and is alleging that nearly all of Apple's current product li

Apple highlights career of long-term Apple Distinguished Educator Dr. Carl Owens

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Apple Distinguished Educator program, Apple is highlighting the work of Dr. Carl Owens, a long-time participa

Watch wildlife with a Raspberry Pi nature camera| Hackspace 33

The past few months have given us ample opportunity to stare at the creatures that reside outside. In issue 33 of Hackspace Magazine, out today, Rosie

A year of work on the Bay Area's housing and homeless crises

Today, we’re marking the one-year anniversary of our Bay Area housing commitment. Since last year, we’ve met with hundreds of advocates, developers an

What emergency funding means for publishers around the world

Established in 1904 in Oklahoma, the Lawton Constitution is one of more than 5,600 recipients of the Google News Initiative Journalism Emergency Relie

Buy on Google is now open and commission-free

Over the past few months, we’ve made significant changes to help businesses reach more consumers and help people find the best products, prices and pl

Using AI to identify the aggressiveness of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer diagnoses are common, with 1 in 9 men developing prostate cancer in their lifetime. A cancer diagnosis relies on specialized doctors,

Article: Programming Microcontrollers with JavaScript -- Q&A with Peter Hoddie and Lizzie Prader

JavaScript developers can now write IoT software on a large range of devices, including low-specs micro-controllers with as little as 32KB of memory.

Making Workplaces More Humanistic

Organizations are increasingly focusing on the humanization of workplaces and supporting professionals to perform better. Ways to make workplaces more

Presentation: PKS Is Not JAK8sP (Just Another Kubernetes Platform)

Cornelia Davis discusses what distinguishes Pivotal Container Service and covers some of the latest advancements coming from the Kubernetes community,

Amazon Announces the General Availability of Monitoring Service AWS IoT SiteWise

IoT SiteWise is a fully managed service in AWS, which automates the processing of data from the plant floor, the structuring and marking of data, and

Introducing InfoQ Live: A Microservices Virtual Event on Tuesday, August 25th

We are excited to introduce InfoQ Live, a one-day virtual learning event designed for you, the modern software practitioner. You’ll get to deep dive i

GitLab's guide to safe deployment practices

Here at Gitlab we understand the importance of safe deployment practices.Progressive delivery is continuous delivery with fine-grained control over wh

GitLab 13.2 released with Planning Iterations and Load Performance Testing

GitLab 13.2 now helps teams streamline project planning with milestone iterations, collaborate better for faster feedback with diff changes for wiki p

Introducing the NGINX Controller Data Forwarder with Splunk Integration

At NGINX, we know you invest in many tools (and business workflows around those tools) to create, deliver, and manage modern apps. Visibility and anal

An inside look at the Rust programming language

Rust, an open source programming language, has been the "most loved language" on developer community Stack Overflow's annual survey for the last four

DevSecOps basics: five steps to standardize (and then scale) security

This is the fifth in our five-part series on DevSecOps basics. Part one offers nine tips to truly shift left. Part two outlines the steps needed to cr

Signature Bank’s Crypto Deposits Grew $1B in Q2

Out of the nearly $8 billion in deposit growth that Signature Bank saw in the second quarter of 2020, $1 billion was raked in by the firm’s digital assets team.

Climbing off Twitter on Scaffolds of Truth: Where Srinivasan and Benet Diverge

Vitalik Buterin, Balaji Srinivasan and Juan Benet discussed the future, pitfalls and promise of decentralized social media.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits 1-Month High; DeFi Value Locked Hits $3.3B

Bitcoin is making gains, Ethereum’s DeFi value grows.

No One Has Traded Bitcoin Options on Bakkt for Over a Month: Deribit Continues to Dominate

Open interest for Bakkt's bitcoin options market has stayed at $0 since June 15.

Will Big Tech Enable or Destroy Small Business? Feat. Sahil Bloom

More than 50% of COVID-19 related business closures in the US are now permanent. Can tech platforms provide a new avenue for small biz entrepreneurship?