Tim Cook announces Apple will donate to coronavirus relief efforts

Apple will be donating to a variety of groups in China that are helping to fight the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

Jury rules Apple must pay WiLAN $85M for patent infringement

A jury in San Diego has ruled that Apple must pay Quarterhill Inc.'s WiLAN $85 million in royalties for infringing patents in a retrial of

Vine relaunches as Byte, bringing six-second videos back to the web

Everybody's favorite six-second video platform is back and it's got a new name: Byte. Let's take a look and see if the resurrected Vine is

Apple to attend meeting promoting easy access to health data

An Apple representative is slated to attend a meeting on Monday held by the Carin Alliance, a nonpartisan group currently advocating to pus

Tim Cook: Apple will donate to groups helping fight Coronavirus

"Apple will be donating to groups on the ground helping support all of those affected." What you need to know Tim Cook has announced that Apple w"A

Do more with Data Studio Community Visualizations

Data Studio Community Visualizations, currently in beta, allow you to create and integrate custom JavaScript components into your dashboards. You can

20 years of fashion on Google

At the Grammy Awards twenty years ago, Jennifer Lopez wore a Versace dress on the red carpet which had a ripple effect on fashion -- not to mention, G

What was your first Raspberry Pi project?

Quick and simple blog post today: what was your first Raspberry Pi project? Or, if you’ve yet to enter the world of Raspberry Pi ownership, what would

Discovering millions of datasets on the web

Across the web, there are millions of datasets about nearly any subject that interests you. If you’re looking to buy a puppy, you could find datasets

Citizen science traffic monitoring with Raspberry Pi

Homes in Madrid, Dublin, Cardiff, Ljubljana, and Leuven are participating in the Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport (WeCount) project, a European Comm

Presentation: Enabling Secure Code at Scale with Spring and OAuth2

Matt Ruel and Darren Forsythe discuss using Spring Security and OAuth2 to secure an application.

Apple Acquires Edge-Focused AI Startup Xnor.ai

Apple has acquired Xnor.ai, a Seattle-based startup that builds AI models that run on edge devices, for approximately $200 million.

Database Access Misconfiguration Exposes 250M Customer Records at Microsoft

Comparitech security firm reported a major data breach at Microsoft that exposed 250 million customer records over a period of a couple of days. Micro

Presentation: The Value of Reactive Systems

Stephane Maldini, Violeta Georgieva build a decision-making template to assist devs in starting a Reactive architecture.

Linux Rename Multiple Files At a Shell Prompt

How do I rename multiple files at a shell prompt under a Linux or UNIX operating systems?The post Linux Rename Multiple Files At a Shell Prompt appear

Goldman Sachs partners with GitLab for next-gen platform strategies

Most people know Goldman Sachs as the global investment banking giant, but over the past few years the company has branched out to some pretty modern

Upgrading bootstrap-vue in gitlab-ui

This blog post is UnfilteredThree months ago, we started a process to upgrade bootstrap-vue in gitlab-ui from 2.0.0-rc.27 to the latest stable version

GitLab Patch Release: 12.7.2

Today we are releasing version 12.7.2 for GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.This version resolves a number of regressions and bugs in th

Celebrating wider community contributions in 2019 and returning to FOSDEM

This blog post is UnfilteredFirst of all, I would like to wish everyone in the GitLab Community a Happy New Year! There's been an impressive growth in

Why we scoped down to build up error tracking

When our vision for error tracking is fully realized, the developers who use GitLab will be able to find and fix errors before their customers ever re

Crypto and the Latency Arms Race: Market Microstructures

Max Boonen, CEO of market maker B2C2, looks at recent trends in crypto market infrastructure.

Your PGP Key? Make Sure It’s Up to Date

Identity thieves now have another tool at their disposal: bitcoin hashing power.

Davos, CBDCs, and the Rise of Bitcoin Art

The word from Davos is blockchain not crypto, cashless futures, and CBDCs, while Brekkie von Bitcoin gives us his take on the emergent field of bitcoin art.

Harmony Kicks Off Migration From Ethereum and Binance Chains to Its Own

Harmony is rolling out its token swap process, asking holders of its ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens to switch to its own native asset to participate in staking and other activities.

Notes From WEF: Oil-Producing Nations Want Dollar Alternatives, Just Not Bitcoin

Middle Eastern elites at the World Economic Forum are highly skeptical of bitcoin, but there are whispers about its potential for cross-border settlements in the energy sector.